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Monday, July 10, 2017

Brands According to Byron Sharp

World According to Byron Sharp.  Former correspondent.   Read by many in the CPG space.   In Adage: " ... In the years since Byron Sharp published  'How Brands Grow,' his unorthodox theories have taken root with major marketers and begun changing how they buy media. Among the new rules: Loyalty is a crock and broad reach can be more productive than surgical targeting. ... " 

" ... Byron Sharp would like you to know that almost everything you've learned about marketing is wrong.

Here's the real truth, according to the University of South Australia marketing professor, whose 2010 book has recently grown surprisingly influential among top brands: 20% of your brand's biggest buyers don't really account for 80% of sales. These "loyal" consumers aren't really that loyal. The best way to grow is to get more sales from people who care even less about your brand than the loyalists.  ... " 

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