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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Banning Recordings

I used to work gathering data about retail practices, and it was drilled into us that we needed to get permission from a store manager to do picture or video recordings in a store.     As a customer I also gathered data from a nearby retailer with novel engagement ideas, but they had a sign on the door saying picture taking was not allowed.  We obeyed that for many years.   Owners can control their spaces.  The sign disappeared.

Course the world has changed, we all carry sophisticated video and still image cameras in our phones. Every day we see things being recorded and shared within minutes.  So has the standard changed?  Is the assumption now that all recording is implicitly allowed,  at least in places where we do not expect privacy? What are the implications for prohibiting recording by a customer?  Is it literally 'destroying evidence', as a commentor suggests.   And it is it still always bad PR?

HBS discusses the topic of recording bans in general.

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