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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Virtual Assistants of the Alexa Kind in the Office?

AI assistance in the workplace.   Been thinking that since installing several standalone assistance of several kinds.   This made me think of a number of focused knowledge systems we created in the first AI era.   These worked, some very profitably, so why not an Alexa or a Google Home in the Office?   Do they need to be voice controlled?  Voice is a good additional channel, but can be disruptive in the office.   Do they they have to be narrow purpose?  Immobile?  Attentive?   Intelligent?  Conversant?   What combination of these is most useful for the office?

Or will completely autonomous systems be developed that require minimal human intervention to replace those jobs before that?   My Alexa and Home installed at my home, all less than two years ago, provide an entertainment and audible environment, while also providing useful, but still minor skills useful in the same place.  Most notable, the system is attentive to voice and data.  Is that useful enough to work in the office?

Will Alexa, Cortana, Siri and Google Be Taking Over Your Office in the Near Future?
Artificial intelligence is pervading personal technology, but it’s an open question of whether it will make the leap to the workplace. ....    by Phil Goldstein

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