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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Google, Linked Data and Ontologies

Very good,  have spent a long time thinking about getting the semantics of data arranged for search and analytics.

Via Dean Allemang
Principal Consultant at Working Ontologist, LLC
One of the best short articles on this subject I have seen. Advice about how we should organize ontologies. 

Google, Linked Data and The Needle In The Haystack
 By Jan Voskuil   CEO at Taxonic

Modern search engines rely heavily on structured metadata for high precision. Unbeknownst to many, Linked Data plays a quintessential role in this. In fact, many people seem to think that modern search engine technology has obviated the need for assigning keywords to content items, such as journal articles, either manually or through an automated process. The opposite is true. I will illustrate this by showing how Google finds needles in a haystack, using a simple do-it-yourself experiment to make a complex point.  .....  " 

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