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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

GE on Digital Industrial Transformations

Considerable detail at the link, including a blog.   Looking forward to see their talk relating to this next Friday.   Considerable detail at the link below:

Digital industrial transformation is a process – a road we travel on our journey to reduced downtime, higher productivity, culture change, and new business models and revenue streams. In that vein, I think of Minds + Machines this year as a stop on the road – a place to consult the map, compare notes with friends, and then get back in the car and keep on truckin’.

Minds + Machines also got me thinking about what’s on the road ahead. Here are some trends that I picked up in my conversations with customers, partners, industry luminaries, and innovators at our conference, which I believe will accelerate in 2017.

Customers showing the way forward

Our customers work with us because we help them improve productivity, with Predix, our operating system for industry, as the foundation. But the benefits flow both ways. We’re increasingly seeing our customers adapt the cloud-based platform-as-a-service to their needs and create new apps and solutions that can benefit the entire ecosystem. Their feedback as they ascend the digital maturity curve even helps us refine our own ongoing transformation.

By partnering with companies like the elevator and mobility solutions giant Schindler Group, for example, we see Predix optimize a whole new world of industrial machines. And with the new Predix Edge System, which puts apps on the machines themselves so they can self analyze more quickly, we can introduce apps to all kinds of machines. That means we could have apps running on every elevator in Schindler’s fleet, constantly optimizing their operation at the point of service. I’m excited to see where the technology is going to go next.  .....  "

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