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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Where Predictive Analytics is Working

In HBR: 
Where Predictive Analytics Is Having the Biggest Impact
by Jacob LaRivierePreston McAfeeJustin RaoVijay K. NarayananWalter Sun  .... 

 ... Once companies are logging and storing detailed data on all their customer engagements and internal processes, what’s next? Presumably, firms are investing in big data infrastructure because they believe that it offers a positive return on investment. However, looking at the surveys and consulting reports, it is unclear what the precise use cases are that will drive this positive ROI from big data.

Our goal in this article is to offer specific, real-world case studies to show how big data has provided value for companies that have worked with Microsoft’s analytics teams. These cases reveal the circumstances in which big data predictive analytics are likely to enable novel and high-value solutions, and the situations where the gains are likely to be minimal.  ... " 

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