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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Watson Delivers Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Ads

A new automation play in the works with a number of participants.   Note also the natural language and voice interaction components.  New channels of automated consumer interaction.  Bots are not mentioned, but this provides an opening for more complete and compelling conversations.  This could change how advertising works.

Weather Company Incorporates IBM's Watson Into New Ad Product
Bets Artificial Intelligence Will Change Advertising ... By Jeanine Poggi.

The Weather Company is placing a bet on artificial intelligence. In its first major announcement since being acquired by IBM in January, Weather Company is introducing Watson Ads, which will allow consumers to ask questions via voice and text to receive information on products or brands. ... 

While there's no dearth of data available for marketers to make informed decisions about their customers and provide more relevant messaging and experiences, Watson's ability to understand natural language, reason and learn over time may allow for greater understanding of how consumers interact with brands and their perception of products.

Unilever will be one of the first advertisers to utilize Watson Ads for its Hellmanns and Country Crock brands. With Watson, consumers can ask their phone or computer for recipe ideas based on specific ingredients. .... " 

Also reported on in the WSJ.

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