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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Bluemix Supports Hangout Analytics

Nice to see some now sevices in Bluemix Cloud that support real time stream analytics.  This is notably of interest to applications like Retail.   Updates in their blog give some detailed outlines and descriptions of analysis value.  Possibility of use with Beacons, Supply chain decisions, IOT and others.   Ultimately this looks at the dynamics of all sorts of geospatial data.

" ... Hangout is a concept in geospatial analysis where an entity is said to be hanging out or in a hangout if it has been dwelling in the same region for a specified period of time.  Once an entity (for example, a smartphone or a vehicle) has been in a region longer than a specified dwell time, it is considered to be hanging out in that region.  You can use hangout detection in a variety of mobile device and Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios, including:

Marketing: Offering real-time promotions to people who remain in a particular area for a significant period of time.

Intelligence: Are two ships passing in the night, or are they hanging out together, possibly indicating some nefarious activity?

Transportation: Has a vehicle in your fleet made its stops at the anticipated locations?  ...  "

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