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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

A Disturbing Loss of Linkedin Security Most of You Should Still Care About

A few days ago I got a message from Linkedin.  You know them, the near-monopoly of professional credential information for many millions of people?   They said that they had known since 2012 that our passwords and related information had been stolen.

They then forced me to change my password. And I did. And I felt good, never thought much more about it. I was secure, and we all were.  Right?  And they don't sell things that can be pawned anyway.

That is,  until I read my correspondent Evan Schuman's article in CW.  There he lays out very exactly why it is disturbing that thieves were holding onto this information for over four years before we were told about it.  And dangerous, even after we change our password.      It also shows you why other aspects of controlling your passwords are more important than you think.  Read his article,

And what do we do now?  Move all that carefully edited information to another location?  Who else has as many members?  Write a letter to someone?   Trust?  Seems negligent at least.   Pass it on.

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