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Monday, January 04, 2016

Whirlpool Builds in the Dash Buy Button

The general idea has been around for more than a decade .  I have been testing the Amazon Dash button since last year.    Finally it is being integrated for replenishment directly in appliances:

In The Verge:
Whirlpool's new smart appliances have Amazon Dash built in
Washer and dryer will tell you to buy more detergent

Last October, Amazon partnered with a host of companies to incorporate its Dash order functionality directly into some of their products. Where previously you could only make Dash orders via dedicated Wi-Fi-enabled buttons, the integration with Amazon's Dash Replenishment Service meant you were able to buy printer ink, pet food, and detergent right from your appliances. Now Whirlpool — one of the first companies to commit to the service — has explained how its new connected appliances will work with Amazon's, integrating its Dash Replenishment Service directly into its mobile Smart Kitchen Suite app.    ..... " 

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