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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Seeking Data Wisdom in Neuroscience

From CACM and Berkely Research:  Seeking data wisdom.  Somewhat of a squishy term.  But it implies data in context, here neuroscience,.    
" .... 
“In computational neuroscience, it is important to gauge how much variation there is in the signals — in this case, how much of this variation is due to the movies and how much is due to “noise,” Yu says.  “This is absolutely essential to determine how well the frames of a movie clip are encoded in the brain.”

Yu is now leading a project in collaboration with the Gallant Lab to apply  statistical machine learning analysis to determine how a neuron in  a key visual area of the brain, called V4,  responds to contours, and to the ability of the brain’s visual system to differentiate foreground and background in an image. These capabilities add crucial detail to what we see. ... " 

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