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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Amazon Launches Machine Learning as a Service

An interesting competitive proposition.  Machine Learning as a Service,  From clear experts in the field.  You add the data and decision expertise.   More companies are seeking this kind of capability with minimal risk.

In IWeek:  " .. Amazon Machine Learning is a managed service that analyzes a user's historical data to look for patterns and deploy predictive models. It can examine customer data and find patterns of likely customer turnover or churn. It can find typical issues in customer support. It can isolate and detect the patterns of problem transactions.

Jassy said parent company Amazon.com for several years has capitalized on machine learning, as in its affinity marketing, or what it calls "Similarities" recommendations that come with a book or other customer purchase on the retail site. It sought to provide its internal teams with machine learning tools that have been put to use multiple times inside the company. 

"We built a platform for users with no experience in machine learning," noted Jassy.   .. "   

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