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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Wearable Technology in the Background

In the NYT:  An article suggesting that systems like Google Project Glass, once they are implemented well, will be a major shift that puts tech into the background.    The article surveys such long ago innovations like those of Gutenberg and Aldus Manutius, and how it was the secondary enabling changes in technology that ultimately led to very big changes in culture.  The case is made that this latter change, Manutius's development of the pamphlet,  was like the smartphone.

I agree about Google Project Glass, and similar implementations.  This could make it much easier to provide the connectivity at all times and all places to make us knowledge interactive.    Systems like always connected smartphone and tablets and voice enabled intelligence and search are early steps in this direction.  Dividing your attention with wearable computing will also be an issue with intercepting our visual interaction.    We will see once again videos of people like those walking into a fountain while texting.

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Jared said...

Wearable technology is happening all around us. From tiny recorders and digital video recording to bar code scanners you can wear to do retail inventory, it seems we will all be hooked up to something soon.