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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mobile Business Intelligence from Tableau

I continue to be impressed by Tableau's easy to use BI system, now providing mobile solutions, and touch interaction:

" ... Tableau 6.1 provides many new and exciting capabilities to the Tableau products. Tableau 6.1 introduces touch aware support for the iPad. Tableau Server views are now optimized to deliver touch experiences when accessed on devices like the Apple iPad. Controls such as filters, parameters, sliders, scrolling, and zoom & pan, are now specially built to interact with your fingers ... "

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Business Mobile said...

Hi all,

Mobile business intelligence is becoming a leading trend within the BI market. Over the past several years solution providers have placed a lot of effort into developing interactive mobile applications that can be used by decision makers on the road. Although it has been a slow road to broad adoption, mobile BI is finally starting to make inroads into the general business intelligence marketplace. Thanks...