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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mining Data for the Bottom Line

The SAS newsletter often includes some good starting points for data mining. This month they look at three approaches: Analyzing data directly from databases, spatial data analysis, and novel ways to visualize data. As you might expect these methods may be demonstrated using SAS tools, but it's still thought provoking. Also, look at the recently announced strategic partnership between SAS and Teradata. Teradata is used by most retailers and many ecommerce companies.

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Anne-Lindsay said...

Hi Franz! Thanks for including a link to the SAS Business Report pdf in your blog. Here's a link to the html version:


Gives folks an overview of the content so that they can find the article they want rather than scrolling thru the pdf. You can always pull the links from our archive page (want to make linking as easy as possible for you :) http://www.sas.com/news/newsletter/business/index.html

Thanks again!
Anne-Lindsay Beall
Editor, SAS Business Report