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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Retail Game Design from IKEA.

In ReadWrite Web:   When I saw the mention I immediately thought: A retail maze as game.   But it is also probably the main reason I have at times avoided going there.    I see this piece quotes Alan Penn, at the UCL, and Space Syntax, who we worked with, building retail simulations with game-like elements.

" .... The thing is, it’s easy to make a really hard maze. Just don’t add an exit. But Ikea has made a maze that is designed to keep you in the store long enough to grab a Bumerang, but not long enough to murder your family. In fact, Alan Penn at the University College of London studied the layout of Ikea stores and found that common paths through Ikea resemble a tangled web of seeming chaos but connected but a simple through-route.

He wrote: "Ikea is highly disorienting and yet there is only one route to follow.” This disorientation increases the odds that you’ll grab a Sinnlig on your way out—and, as it turns out, 60% of purchases at Ikea are made unintentionally. ... "

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