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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Companies Take Piecemeal Approach to Automation Tech

Fairly obvious.   Has been the case with every emerging tech since computing emerged.  We saw it with early analytics.   You test at small scales.  To understand results versus goal, consequences known and unintended.  And deployment costs.  Every test also includes inserting results into existing process context, which takes time and requires result measurements.    Stats here are useful.

Companies Take a Piecemeal Approach to Automation Tech 
The Wall Street Journal   By Angus Loten

KPMG surveyed about 600 C-suite executives to determine how companies are approaching the deployment of automation technologies. About 30% of respondents said their companies have apportioned $50 million or more into smart automation projects, and more than 50% have already spent at least $10 million. Such projects include diverse combinations of robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive computing, and analytics; thus far, funding is going into corporate finance and accounting functions, followed by group benefits strategies, compliance, and industry-specific core operations. More than 50% of respondents listed improving or streamlining customer services and front-office effectiveness as their primary goal. Many companies have adopted a piecemeal strategy to automation, due to uncertainty about how much investment will be needed to make deployments worthwhile, as well as a dearth of "organizational clarity and accountability."  ... '

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