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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Replacing Apps with Neural Nets

Well perhaps some of them.  We wrote neural nets from the ground up before they existed in conveniently usable libraries, and they are good for some things, but not others.    I don't see how the straight logic coding, also a part of an OS,  would be best done with nets.

Google Has Begun Replacing Apps With Neural Networks from Psfk
Google is advancing its AI capabilities to give 'ambient awareness' to the Pixel 2 phone   By Jennifer Passas

Google is making phones smarter with machine learning—and essentially replacing apps with a more advanced operating system. Now Playing, a new feature for the Pixel 2 phone, is essentially a new-and-improved Shazam: it is constantly listening and able to match 70,000 songs without help from the internet.

Instead of users having to ask what song is playing in the background, Now Playing shows the answer immediately on the phone’s locked screen. Google is calling this anticipatory technology “ambient awareness,” which took years of development. Since the audio matching is done on the phone rather than the cloud, a database is needed. In order to ID a song, it must match an audio fingerprint stored in the phone’s database.

The researchers who created Now Playing first built a database of 70,000 sound fingerprints that are a snapshot of a song’s waveforms. To do so, they used a neural net that transformed audio fingerprints into recognizable and unique tiny files. This was difficult because the audio fingerprint had to have enough data to be useful with distorted samples. ... "

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