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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Data as Feature

Good approach, start with and feature the data as it exists in value producing context.

“Data as a feature” is coming. Are product managers ready?

By packaging and delivering actionable data in applications, product managers can help users achieve their goals.      ...By Alice LaPlante in O'Reilly

 More and more, apps are capable of delivering more than a service, such as access to a bank account or the ability to order a pizza. Apps can offer users data—and not just a dump of data that has little value, but data specifically designed to be of value to the user.

This is called “data as a feature”—it is the act and process of treating data as a core feature of a software product in a way that delivers value to the user. Taking this definition a step further, a product with data as a feature delivers that data in a way that helps the user meet a goal. ... "

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