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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Visualization Insight Tools for Netflix

In the Netflix Techblog, some good details.

Improving Netflix’s Operational Visibility with Real-Time Insight Tools
By Ranjit Mavinkurve, Justin Becker and Ben Christensen

For Netflix to be successful, we have to be vigilant in supporting the tens of millions of connected devices that are used by our 40+ million members throughout 40+ countries. These members consume more than one billion hours of content every month and account for nearly a third of the downstream Internet traffic in North America during peak hours.

From an operational perspective, our system environments at Netflix are large, complex, and highly distributed. And at our scale, humans cannot continuously monitor the status of all of our systems. To maintain high availability across such a complicated system, and to help us continuously improve the experience for our customers, it is critical for us to have exceptional tools coupled with intelligent analysis to proactively detect and communicate system faults and identify areas of improvement. 

In this post, we will talk about our plans to build a new set of insight tools and systems that create grea er visibility into our increasingly complicated and evolving world.  .... " 

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