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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Computers Sensing Odors

Another area we examined for possible classification of coffee blends, fragrances and for in store understanding of smell 'scapes' in retail spaces.   Investigation has been going on in this space for some time, but with incomplete precision.

It was thought that neural patterns might lead to results.  Some possible results:

In CACM:  " ...  Harvard University researchers have developed a machine-learning algorithm to train a computer to recognize the neural patterns associated with various scents, and to identify whether specific odors are present in a mix of smells.

The algorithm works like other pattern-recognition systems, only the patterns are the neural activation patterns of mice reacting to particular odors.

"Essentially, one odor causes a particular neural activation pattern, and another odor causes a different pattern," says Harvard professor Venkatesh Murthy.  ... " 

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