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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Netflix Big Data: Achieving Golden Data

Piece on how Netflix uses big data analysis.  To derive Golden Data.  I like the term, but can it be effectively derived?  Sounds much like the need to be closely connected to the decision makers involved.

" ... “It’s not as far away from the world of packaged goods or technology or services as you think… understanding your consumer, how they see the world, how they see their lives and how they want to see the world.”

Few can lay claim to the instincts needed to rely on gut alone, leading Donza to the concept of ‘golden data’ – the crucial data points that will help a brand connect with an audience emotionally.

“For the time being its problematic to rely on just data or all on the golden gut,” he explained. “Look at all the points of information, whether they be gut or data, and allow them to guide you to a stronger answer than you could come to on your own.” .. " 

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